Hello and welcome to sr-design,

my name is Stefan rienits, and I am one of the lucky people who could make their hobby and passion their work. But that doesn’t mean I only sit in front of a computer all day; I also go fishing to relax in nature and re energize.
After a long career in the edv-area, followed by an education in graphic design from the HTC, I made the step into self-employment.
Professional graphic design or web design is getting more and more important in our digitalized world. And sadly for most, too expensive. Sure, everybody wants and needs to earn money, but for someone who just started their business, small crafts, or SME, is a salary what counts? This is where I see my goal, to serve professional designs for an affordable cost for these groups.
Just call me or write me an email. I will answer in a time able manner.
See you soon,


Stefan Rienits